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Food cooked off the kitchens in Southern Italy is glamorous, healthy, delicious and truly under-rated. While most of the Italian food is attributed to the “northern” part of Italy, there is a lot more to southern Italian food and not much is known about it – much like many of the places that most tourists haven’t even heard of.

As you plumb deeper and rub the good old Italian culture for all its worth, you will unmistakably get to feed on the scrumptious delights Southern Italian food has to offer. Nothing  like tasting the local food while you are there (or even when you aren’t there, provided you get it where you are).

Southern Italian food has merit, chutzpah and a certain appeal to it. Needless to say, the southern Italians depend on virgin olive oil to dole out their dishes, unlike their northern counterparts who depend on butter predominantly.

Food of Southern Italy includes – but not limited to – Grilled fish with lemon garnish; Merluzzo al forno; the popular Pizza from Naples; Baked Codfish, Uncooked tomato sauce; the delicious Ciamotta made with eggplant, tomatoes and potatoes; Mixed veg stew, Cassata and Cannolia and many more. The ingredients, the ways of preparing dishes and pretty much all else about food in Southern Italy has been evolutionary, so to speak. These ways have been around for a long time now.

Carlo Middione, the author of the book “The Food of Italy”, pays tribute to Southern Italian Cuisine and explains how Italians eat, cook and even why they cook they way they do. He also has an interesting article written on epicurean about this very topic we are discussing. In my humble opinion, he does a much better job of explaining the culinary nitty-gritty of the Southern Italian cuisine than I can ever hope to explain.

Please note that he even has a few interesting recipes there for your perusal if you wish to roll your sleeves up and experiment with this cuisine. Better still, I implore you to head to the bowels of Southern Italy and taste the delights of Southern Italian food for yourself.